About us and the project

What is this project?

Have you ever postponed buying something close to your heart? Have you ever looked at someone and said "I would love to be that guy"? Have you ever wanted to go skydiving but you thought that is for that flamboyant kid from your school's athletics team? Have you ever danced like crazy inside your head in a club but not moved an inch for real because you never learned tango growing up as a kid?

What is on your bucket list? What is it that is close to your heart, you always wanted to do it, but you never could? We are sure there are a lot of things on the 'before I die' list. Time to pull out that list and tell us one thing that is written in big bold letters on your bucket list.

That is how the project started. We invited some of our friends and spoke to a few strangers on the streets of Singapore and got them to write 1 item from their bucket list. We then took their photos and this is the result.

How can you participate?

Let's make this a global project. Why don't you contact us and we will send instructions on what you need to do? Your photos will be posted here. You can do a little gloating and a little bragging by sharing this with your friends and families. Let's make them a little jealous now! Deal?

Who are we?

Dev (Devendra Mistry) is a geek, techie, engineer, Indian who now lives and works in Singapore. He likes loves to cook food, is good with pets and has worked in 5 different cities so far. He is a Nikonian and is using a D5000 at the moment and wants to buy a prime lens so he can do more portraiture. You can see some of his work here.

G2 (Jitendra Amesar) is an advertising guy, geek, foodie, do-gooder, avid blood donor, Indian who now lives and works in Singapore. He loves the outdoors, hates the gym and grows physically bigger in size every year. He has lived in 3 different cities so far. He is a Nikonian too with a D5000 in his arsenal. He is looking to do a little macro and portrait photography after the arsenal has appropriate lenses for that. You can see some of his work here and catch him tweet his life away here.