Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bucket List Singapore (May 2011)

Before I die...

 Derek | "I want [to] fly with [th]e wing suit."

 Saimanoj | "[I] want 2 keep my eyes alive even after death"

 Kapil | "[I want] my click on NGC."

Mabel | "Owning more than 200 Chanel bags."

Colin | "1. Run 10 km in 60 minutes at the age of 70. 
2. Enter the Iron Man run
3. Set up business in 10 countries

Alex | "Rob a bank."

Alice | "See my children grow older."

Brenda | "I want to visit Hawaii."

Junko | "I want to win $1,000,000 at [the] casino."

Toshiya | "I want to sing songs in front of full audience like Michael Jackson."

Yuka | "I want to live stay in [Merlion] hotel."

Yuta | "I want to invent the drugs that make people happy."

Yuti | "I want to invent the [medicine] which make people live forever."

Hideko | "I want to buy whatever my children ask me to buy."

Gong Xi | " I want to travel around the world."

Erwin | "To see all our kids secured and to enjoy our live the fullest."

Laak | "I want to be [a] grandmom."

Marcus | "I want Marina Bay Sands."

John | "Spend more time with our children!"

Raj | "Fly an aircraft."

Rajan | "Live in Switzerland with all my girl friends (+/- wife)."

Manmeet | "I wanna be a farmer."

Ashok | "Create a billion dollar company...probably bigger than Google."

Avinash | "Build 6 pack abs & go topless on Miami South Beach."

Do YOU have things on your bucket list that you want to share. Send us your photo and we will add them on the 'From around the world' section.